About Us

Pr. Hales

Redeemer Lutheran Church’s story continues to unfold as our diverse community worships and serves together reflecting the kingdom of God on earth.

Our congregation’s deep impulse is towards a dynamic, impactful ministry through the development of authentic, transformational relationships and open doors with the surrounding community. Acting as a “beacon of hope” in Belleville, we worship and pray together, as well as study the Bible and provide a variety of activities and opportunities for ministry that include all-ages choir, hip-hop dance, sewing, Sunday school, quilting, and youth group, to mention a few…

As an extension of its ministry and with help from community partners the church formed Redeemer Cares in 2016 as a non-profit organization. A member of the Belleville, Michigan community since 2012, Redeemer Lutheran Church seeks to be a faithful witness to the love of Jesus Christ for all people, and is recognized by the community as a safe and caring place for area residents, especially children and youth.

Redeemer Lutheran Church and the Redeemer Cares serve the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the community, in partnership with individuals and organizations, through youth programming, affordable housing, educational programming, and faith-based activities.

We invite you to come as you are, and join us in authentic and spirit-filled worship, prayer, bible study and service!

Meetings are held at Tyler Elementary School in Belleville. The time of the Sunday worship service will be 11:00 AM.

Tyler Elementary School
42200 Tyler Road
Belleville, MI 48111

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